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                 At a time when society looked upon                                women only as daughters, wives, and mothers, our ten Founders were pioneers of the coeducational system. There was a need for a social center, a place of conference, a tie which should unite, a circle of friends who could sympathize with one another in their perplexities. They formed Alpha Phi in 1872 at Syracuse University. Today, Alpha Phi continues to provide a unifying bond for women young and old all around the world. From hand to hand and heart to heart, we are all grateful and proud of the legacy left to us by our Founders.



•   Alpha Phi built the world’s first sorority house.

•   Alpha Phi is pronounced Alpha “fee” (long “e”) not “fie,”    

     because “Alpha” is a vowel and “Phi” is pronounced “fee”

     when it follows a vowel.

•   Alpha Phi has over 175 active alumnae chapters.

•   Alpha Phi called the world’s first inter-sorority meeting: A

     group that later became the National Panhellenic

     Conference. – The sisterhood of Alpha Phi stretches from

     coast to coast through 164 collegiate campuses and more

     than 200,000 members. 

•   Both Miss America 2015 and Miss USA 2015 are Alpha Phis


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