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Morgan Ricketts


On behalf of the Gamma Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi, welcome to our official website! I am Morgan Ricketts, Chapter President of Alpha Phi at Florida State University.


I am extremely thankful for the privilege to serve an organization of women who have made me into the individual that I am today. When I received my bid in 2019, I had no idea I would not only meet my best friends but also be given opportunities that have allowed me to grow in ways I didn’t know were possible!


College is an exciting time for you to explore and create your future, as well as a time of change and personal growth. While these things are exciting, they can also seem challenging for anyone right out of high school. The love and support found in the Gamma Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi make it so you feel you are never alone. You will always have the friendship, guidance, and encouragement of your new member class as well as the current members, alumnae, and advisors.


The sisterhood of Alpha Phi stretches from coast to coast, with 173 thriving collegiate chapters and more than 268,000 members. We share a commitment to excellence and a strong desire to serve each other and our communities. At Florida State University, Alpha Phi enhances the experience of each member by focusing on our four high ideals: character, innovation, generosity, and sisterhood.


In 1872, our founders set the spirit for the Alpha Phi of today… a sisterhood that values the past but looks forward to the progress offered by the future. As our chapter continues to grow and progress in the future, I look forward to seeing all of the accomplishments made by our sisters.


Alpha Phis are leaders, scholars, contributors, and lifetime members of a sisterhood that values these traits. We strive to make notable contributions to our local, campus, and Greek communities, as well as to our philanthropy, the Alpha Phi Foundation.


Through Alpha Phi, I have found my best friends, my greatest motivators, my inspiration, and my home away from home. Joining Alpha Phi has truly changed my college experience and my life for the better. I will be forever thankful for the opportunities and experiences that Alpha Phi has provided me, and I wish everyone the same sorority experience!


Thanks for stopping by to learn more about the Gamma Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi at Florida State University! Be sure to explore our website and photos, and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us!


- Morgan Ricketts

Chapter President


VP of Health, Wellness & Accountability


VP of New Member Education & Member Experience


VP of Finance

Olivia Svendsen

Summer Schaaf

Jennifer Coddington

VP of Membership Recruitment

Elisabeth Coryn


Executive Administrator

Daniella Bard


VP of Marketing

Madison Hanzelka


Director of New Member Education

Laurie Francise


VP of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Cameron Cramer


Director of Philanthropy

Lena Firlotte


Panhellenic Delegate

Elisabeth Walton

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